My Heart Goes Out to Paris

Several years ago I had the absolute pleasure to visit a peaceful, beautiful city that many people put on their “bucket list”.  I visited Paris, France.  I got to walk down the Champs-Elysées, climb the Eiffel Tower and eat at the great cafes.  Those memories of that wonderful time in my life are now overshadowed by the recent evil events that took place in France.  How can a place that has represented love, peace and romance, be a target for terror? It baffles me, I just can’t understand how another human being (s) can have so much hate in their heart for others. 

Despite what these evil people tried to do, they will not win.  Let’s show compassion, live with peace in our hearts and not react in the same nature as the terrorist did.  Although my heart breaks for the victims, it will heal along with Paris, France.  Love always conquer hate.  Love always wins.  Let’s pray for the victims and their families.  #SilenceForParis

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