What Lies Beneath?

I was reading an article that provided images of the remains of an ancient church that is emerging from underwater due to a recent drought in an area in Mexico.  The Temple of Santiago was built by monks back in the 1770s.  The original assumption was that the area where the church was being built would be a highly populated area with the church being the “center attraction”.  Unfortunately the church was never finished.  The article stated that construction on the church was abandoned halfway through because the plague spread through the area around the time it was being built.  Almost two centuries later, the area was flooded when a dam from a nearby reservoir was built.

The eerie images of the sunken structure and the title of the article, “What Lies Beneath” is reminiscent or ironically similar to our life when you think about it.  A lot of us can admit that we start off with high hopes, big dreams and much excitement about the future.  We map out the blueprint of how our life will be; marriage, great career, children, friends, good health etc…  We start building our temple and then “the plague” shows up.  We go about our daily life trying to survive the “plague” and abandon the high hopes and big dreams. 

Over time the remnant of the “plague” which represent the aftermath (fear, doubt, bad decisions, loss, pain) of the hardship can flood our life and cover up what lies beneath.  What have you abandoned?  What lies beneath the surface of your everyday grind and hustle-and-bustle?  What will become visible once the “flood waters” recede?  My hope is that you ask yourself sooner than later if what lies beneath is worth resurfacing.  If the answer is “yes”, I say get to it LifeSurvivor :o)

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  • Mary SMITH says...

    Yes, yes yes Lord it is time to either expose our selves,than to have God to expose us it may take time but just like that Church God will remove the sheep fur and expose the wolf.

    October 29, 2015

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