SC State Floods and Fair

Those of you living in certain areas of the state of SC have experienced some of the most catastrophic floods in the state’s history.  Although there was much warning about the storm, no one could have predicted the amount of devastation, loss of life and financial cost that would be left in its’ path.  Immediately after the storm, many roads were closed, events were canceled or rescheduled and many schools and businesses were closed.  Even this weekend’s USC football game was moved to another state. 

One major SC event that wasn’t canceled or rescheduled is the SC State Fair.  Organizers and city officials decided to let the event proceed as normal.  I personally was surprised to hear that the Fair would not be significantly impacted by #SCFlood.  This decision seemed insensitive to those who lost their property, source of income and loved ones. Not to mention the safety concerns around the damaged highways as people drive to the Fair.

My initial perspective was that the Fair should be canceled, but as I watched the news and saw people smiling and helping out their neighbors and starting to rebuild the highways, I thought about resilience of the human spirit.  We are like the Energizer bunny, we keep going and going.  We are survivors and what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

I’ve changed my perspective and now feel that it’s a great idea to move forward with allowing the SC State Fair to continue.  It will be a welcomed change of pace and scenery for those who have been cooped up in their homes for the past 7 days and for the kids who’ve been away from their school and friends.  And for me, LifeSurvivor will have a booth setup in the Goodman Building so I hope all of those #SCFlood Survivors will stop by the LifeSurvivor booth and check us out :o)

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