Can you imagine leaving earth and not dying?

Throughout my life I’ve heard the reference to dying as “leaving this earth” and “going to heaven”.  I guess it’s because most of us think that the only way we’ll ever depart from earth is when we die.  Which is probably accurate for about 99.9% of the population.  However, I was reading an article about Scott Kelly who is an Astronaut orbiting the earth for over a year.  I am stocked everything I read about this.  I can’t imagine leaving earth for a day, let alone a year!  But then I thought about how unbelievably fearless Scott must be to take such a courageous journey; exploring the unexplored or volunteering to see something or experience something that couldn’t be more different from the norm.

After reading this article I’ve made up in my mind that if Scott can live in space for a year, I can do some simple things here on earth.  Everyday I’m going to be less fearful and more courageous.  It sounds simple, but is sooooo not that simple.  If we are to be honest, fear of the unknown has kept most of us from living life to the fullest.   Fear of failure, being alone, people finding out about our past and even fear of our future.  I’ve come to realize that it would be an awful shame if I lived my entire life and let fear prevent me from finding out who I really am and what impact I am supposed to make on this earth.  I’ll leave making an impact on space to Scott and the other Astronauts :o) Who’s with me?

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