Our Story

Why LifeSurvivor

Many Survivors emerge from hardship kinder, softer, stronger, and courageous.  We have affectionately named them “Life Survivors” and are devoted to celebrating them and organizations that advocate for them.  We are committed to financially supporting existing organizations that are making a positive impact on the lives of individuals impacted by pain and suffering.

LifeSurvivor’s founder created the Company after her battle with breast cancer. Throughout her battle she was amazed at the inspiration that came from people who had never dealt with cancer personally, but who were able to share their personal testimonies of overcoming adversity.  She soon realized that we are all connected through hardship.  Equally important, she realized that people need inspiration and encouragement while going through hardship and celebration and empowerment once they’ve overcome.

About LifeSurvivor

LifeSurvivor is an inspiring and empowering life-style brand that celebrates Survivors.  Survivors persevere through difficulty and amaze us with their strength and resilience.  LifeSurvivor recognizes and applauds these overcomers.  We are a business that offers fashionably designed merchandise that express the bravery and beauty of facing adversity.  Our products help recognize Survivors with tangible reminders of inspiration, compassion and celebration. We believe that Survivors are special and overcoming adversity should be celebrated.

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